Eye Coil History

The scleral coil system was originally invented in 1963 by Dr. David A. Robinson at Johns Hopkins University. In 1975, in the Netherlands, the coil was refined to its current form by Dr. Han Collewijn, and soon became the standard for scientists in the field due to its great reliability, precision and resolution. Search coils have been used by over fifty scientific labs worldwide, and are considered by many to be the most accurate and reliable eye movement measurement method.

The manufacturing technology was transferred to Skalar, a company in the Netherlands, for production. However in 2005, Skalar announced the closing of its Scleral Search Coil(SCC) business, and the supply for the Scleral Search Coil has dwindled since then.After more than two years of research and development, the Universal Scleral Search Coil (USSC) has now passed testing in three major eye-movement laboratories in the US and Europe, and has been shown to be safe and effective.The Universal Scleral Search Coil is manufactured using the same design as the Skalar coil but with better material. The original silicone rubber material has been replaced with a medical-grade bio-compatible silicone. The testing results have shown the Universal Coil's performance to be superior to the original Skalar coil, and feels more comfort by the research subjects who wear them.

Statement of Intended Use

The Scleral Search Coil (SSC) is intended for research with the magnetic field generator and signal processing device (manufactured by CNC Engineering, Washington, USA) or other magnetic field generator/signal processing devices manufactured for physiological research of the oculomotor system in man and animals.These magnetic field generator/signal processing devices are intended for physiological research of saccades, smooth pursuit, vergence, vestibular and optokinetic eye movements and also of miniature eye movements: tremor, drift and microsaccades. Applications include neuro-physiological, reading, psychological, psychiatric and visual research studies. Neither the magnetic field generator/signal processing devices nor the Scleral Search Coil is intended to be a medical device. The Scleral Search Coil is not intended to be used in the prevention, treatment, or diagnosis of human or animal disease.

Warranty Information

We work everyday to provide the best products and service to our customers, therefore we can stand behind our products with confidence. All coil orders will come with a 30-day warranty. When reported within 30 days of the delivery, all defective coils will be replaced for free.
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