Frequently Asked Questions

Why use search coil system?

There are many reasons to use the search coil system for eye movement measurement, including but not limited to:

  • It provides the highest accuracy (error < 0.01 deg) and sampling frequency (>10k Hz).
  • It can be calibrated with the aid of special device, therefore can be used with patients who can not focus or shift their gazes.
  • It is the only reliable method to measure torsional and three dimensional eye movements.
  • It can measure eye movement even with eye lids being closed.
  • It can be used in complete darkness.

Has universal search coil been tested?

Yes, both of our direction and combination coils have been tested in a few world famous research labs, the results show they preform better than the discontinued Skalar coil in the following aspects:

  • Less noisy and more accurate in terms of position duplicability.
  • Safer since its made with medical level bio-compatible silicon rubber.
  • More comfortable for subjects to wear due to its biocompability.

What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept all forms of payment including check, money order, bank wire transfer, credit cards, paypal, google checkout. Please contact us for detailed information.

How to order the coils?

Please contact us using the contact form or through email.

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